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A trip to Plymouth

A trip to Plymouth

From Plougastel to Plymouth!

We went on the ferry from France to Great Britain from the 15th to the 19th of April. We arrived in Plymouth on Sunday afternoon. There, we visited the Hoe and the lighthouse. In the evening, we discovered our host families. Before going to our bedroom, we visited their house. Every morning, the families gave us lunch bags. Léane, Valentine

On Sunday 15th April, at 5.30 am, our trip started from Plougastel to Roscoff with one hour on the bus. All the pupils were asleep! There, we took the ferry to Plymouth. On the boat, there was a disco (discotheque) and many teenagers danced. During the crossing, the pupils listened to music and sang. Unfortunately, many of them got sick... Big surprise: on the ferry, we met Mrs Bizien, one of our maths teachers! Athénaïs, Elisa

During our stay in England, we were hosted by an English family. Every evening, we had to choose what to eat for dinner: pasta, fajitas, hamburgers and fish & chips. Every day, we ate a different cake. During the dinners, we did a lot of jokes and spoke about what we had done in the daytime. We then played UNO with the English rules. During the game, Aline, the mother, offered to prepare some hot chocolate. Every morning for breakfast, Paul, the father, cooked pancakes for us. They were delicious with sugar or Nutella. One evening, we went to Paul's farm where we saw two chickens. We helped him to collect eggs and gave some water to the chickens. That was great! On our last morning with the host family, Paul helped us playing a prank with ketchup and marshmallows. Quentin, Valentin

In the city centre of Plymouth, there is the Drake Circus, a very big and beautiful shopping mall. The Drake Circus is round that is why it is called a circus. There, you can find fast-food restaurants and a lot of shops (about 30). Our group went to Primark, JD Sport and Starbucks where we drank hot chocolate and other drinks. We loved it! We bought clothes and food. In Great Britain, plastic bags are not free; you must pay around 5 pence to get one. Flavie, Maureen, Océane

On Monday afternoon, we went to Bantham Beach. The weather was great! We were divided into groups for the various activities: lifeguard, paddle and surf. Our instructor gave us a wetsuit and we changed in the sand dunes. Later on, he gave us some surfing and paddling equipment and then, on the sea, we were taught how to surf. Clara, Gwendolyne

On Wednesday 18th April, we went to the castle of Tintagel. There was a lot of wind. The castle is located on an island and it is in ruins. The village of Tintagel is very small. There are a lot of touristic shops. We took a quiz in the village. There is a church on the coast. In King Arthur's Great Halls, we saw a light and a sound show. We also visited the biggest granite hall. E'ouann, Mathis

When we went to Tintagel castle, the weather was very sunny all day long. The castle is on a steep coast. The ruins are very beautiful and well preserved. We have seen King Arthur's sculpture. Maël, Mathys

The pupils of Sainte-Anne took a lifeguard training course. To begin, we learnt in pairs how to turn the body of a person over on the sand. After that, two teachers showed us the recovery position (= position latérale de sécurité) and when to use it. Then, we tried the recovery position with our partner. It was funny because we had the head in the sand and it was not very clean. Célia, Christelle, Justine

On the last day of our stay in Plymouth, we went surfing at Bantham Beach. There was a lot of waves. We were only 15 pupils in our group. Marion, Romane